the club headquarters at Godowska Street | random centre

Yesterday at the club headquarters at Godowska Street, the official end of the football season of the senior team of the Center took place. In a very familiar atmosphere, coach Marcin Górnik thanked everyone for their hard work and effort. Wiesław Idziak, on behalf of the Management Board, has prepared individual awards for several players. And so, from the hands of a special guest, Radosław Witkowski’s Cup for receiving 18 goals in the season was collected by Robert Rogala. Another award went to Igor Tworka for scoring a hundred goals in the season.
Konrad Chodyra and Patryk Swan were the best attendees. The Honorable Member, wished the team in the new season of 2012/13 to improve their place in the table by at least one degree, which could allow for promotion.
On the official part of course there was something on the grill, namely sausages and bacon. The event was in an idyllic atmosphere and the players and activists were planning for the next season. Random Center

In a rematch match for a possible promotion to the Mazovian League, the Zwolenianka team was once again better. On Wednesday in Zwoleniu Centrum lost 2: 4. Until yesterday’s return, our team came up with a lot of hopes and willingness to make up for losses.
The start of the meeting was arranged in accordance with the plan, because our team was quick to lead. Over time, however, was only worse. The defenders of the Zwolenians attacked the “Central” attacks. Our players could not disassemble defensively playing opponents. Unfortunately, the open game pokerlonge99 resulted in two lost goals, after well-developed contests.
The Center has been ambitious and committed. After the last whistle of the referee, in the eyes of our young players there were tears. We wish Pawel Zarębski’s team more success in the next season and perseverance in pursuit of the sporting goal.
Interestingly, the team of Zwoleniki Zwoleń can not be sure of the game in the Mazowieckie. The Radomiak and Arseni team won the promotion, and Zwoleń will play in the macroregion will decide MZPN.